Hi, Are you also going through the stage when we pass out the degree but don’t have a job due to lack of experience. Well don’t worry then this post is for you. In this post we will discuss about how to earn money as a developer.

So most of students after passing out the college, does not get the job due to lack of practical knowledge or due to lack of experience on real world projects. Well what we can do then, here are some cool ways to earn money if you don’t have a job.

Some Ways to earn Money as a Developer

1. Writing Articles

Writing articles is one of the best ways to earn money. If you have knowledge about any programming language, Then you can write some good articles on that.

There are two ways to earn money by writing articles-

Creating your own blog:-

You can create your own blog if you want to ear money. Write some good articles on your desired programming language in which you have good knowledge. This way you can monetize your blog by using ads offered by some good companies like google adsense and medianet etc. And then they pay you depending on the views of the ads. But this option takes some time because for approval from ad companies, you need a few 20 to 30 good articles to be on your website.

Writing articles for other websites:-

If you don’t want to create your own blog because for that , you may be needed to write some articles before for getting approval from ad companies and then you start earning. But there are many websites exist for which you can write some good articles, then they pay you for each articles.

Here is the list of some websites for writing articles to get paid:-

  1. medium.com
  2. logrocket.com
  3. tutorialspoint.com
  4. css-tricks.com

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is also the one of most popular ways to earn a decent money. You can start doing freelancing on some platforms and can start earning money very easily. You can create some simple projects for your portfolio before and then can get freelancing work easily.

List of some websites for freelancing:-

  1. freelancer.com
  2. upwork.com
  3. guru.com
  4. fiverr.com
  5. peopleperhour.com
  6. prolancer.com
  7. cashforapp.net

3. Youtube channel

If you are having good knowledge in any programming language, then you can start earn money from that as well. This process take sometime. But all you need to do is to have patience and keep working. When you channel starts getting views and subscribers, then you will start earning money by monetizing it.

This has become one of the most popular method these days for people to earn money. Even some people are running only their youtube channel only after leaving their jobs.

4. Selling your code

You can create some simple projects and then you can start selling the code of the projects on some websites which provide this feature. This way you will also get some projects for showing to the recruiter and you will also start earn money.

List of some marketplace websites where you can sell your code:

  1. codecanyon.net
  2. flippa.com
  3. codester.com
  4. sellmyapp.com
  5. sellmysource.com

5. Create paid courses

Moreover you can also create paid courses on some websites while making some projects for your portfolio. This way you will get two benefits, you will get paid for those courses and you will also get projects for your portfolio for the job.

Here is the list of some websites for creating paid courses as an instructor:

  1. udemy.com
  2. teachable.com
  3. skillshare.com
  4. edureka.com
  5. coursera.org

6. Coding Competitions

Last but not the least, This is also one good option for earning money. These days many websites are available which provides some coding challenges for students , so you can take part in coding challenges and if you win them, then also you can earn money. And also these websites also provides some practice problems there, so that will also help you to prepare for interviews of some companies. And one more thing related to these websites is that Many popular companies also hire from these websites, if you wins some coding challenges and have good rank on problem solving on these websites.

List of some coding challenges Websites:

  1. leetcode.com
  2. topcoder.com
  3. coderbyte.com
  4. codechef.com
  5. hackerearth.com
  6. interviewbit.com

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to find atleast one way to earn money as a developer, and if if you will be able to do that, i will be so happy.

Thanks for your time for reading this articles.

Have a great time. Keep Coding😊


I am an core Android Developer with working knowledge of Kotlin and Java. And i also explore Flutter, React.js & Spring boot in extra time and having 8+ years of experience in this field. I have passion for solving complex problems. I love reading books and learning new challenging technologies in my extra time. Sharing my learning with others so that it can help others

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